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Unisex Shirt

Unisex Shirt


Beige - S
Beige - M
Beige - L
Beige - XL
Blue - S
Blue - M
Blue - L
Blue - XL
Inspired by the Indonesian version of the cycle rickshaws, these were once the main mode of transportation around Indonesia. There are two types of becak, ones with drivers behind, and one with drivers on the side. Becak can still be found in smaller cities. If you take a look at the becak closely, you can tell a lot about its drivers just based on the driver’s choice of beautiful murals or design.
Please send us a chat before ordering the size, as we need to know to check size availability due to limited stock. Thank you

Panjang - Dada - Pundak
S: 73 cm - 100 cm - 44 cm
M: 75 cm - 108 cm - 46 cm
L: 77 cm - 116 cm - 48 cm
XL: 79 cm - 130 cm - 50 cm

100% Viscose
Hand Wash and Air Dry
Lovingly Designed and Created in Indonesia