Selentio Vegetables Cart Indonesian Motif

Selentio Vegetables Cart Indonesian Motif

Rp 326.000,00

Inspired by one of Indonesia's heritage sites - Lake Toba, North Sumatra, we created a design celebrating the culture surrounding this wonderful area focusing on its traditional houses, its distinct wood carvings, and Batak people's love of music.

(Terinspirasi oleh salah satu situs warisan Indonesia - Danau Toba, Sumatra Utara, kami menciptakan sebuah desain yang merayakan budaya di sekitar area yang indah ini yang berfokus pada rumah-rumah tradisional, ukiran kayu yang khas, dan kecintaan orang Batak terhadap musik).

The best little gift to let someone know you're thinking about them or as a gift to your awesome self. Use it as an accent to your bag, as a little headband, or an accent to your outfit!
Inspired by the local vegetable carts that walk through neighborhoods every day, the vegetable cart is not only a source for groceries but also a place where the ladies of the neighborhood chit chat with one another.

Lovingly designed, created, and made in Indonesia.


Detail Product :

7 cm x 150 cm**
2 3/4" x 59"
100% cotton
Handwash and Air Dry

It's include Box + Postcard + Paper Wrap + Ribbon + Bubble Wrap at a more economical price (+10k).

**Please write the wishes in notes of this product if any (complimentary hand-written)**

Twilly does not come in a box. A minimum purchase of 2 twilly is required to receive 1 pc gift box and only when requested.

(Twilly tidak datang dalam kotak. Pembelian minimum 2 twilly diperlukan untuk menerima 1 pc kotak kado dan hanya jika diminta).