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Handkerchief Kali Besar Turquoise Indonesian Motif

Handkerchief Kali Besar Turquoise Indonesian Motif


We celebrate one of Jakarta's famous sites to visit - Kali Besar. Known for its old Dutch architecture surrounding the area, it is also a popular site for one of Jakarta's iconic mode of transportation during the Dutch colonization era, the Delman - a horse drawn decorated carriage.

The best little gift to let someone know you're thinking about them or as a gift to your awesome self. Use it as an accent to your bag, as a little headband or an accent to your outfit!

You can often see tourists walking around the area, students with their backpacks, and of course people biking around the square using neon-colored bikes and its matching colored hats.

Lovingly designed, created, and made in Indonesia.

Detail Product :

46 cm x 46 cm (Handkerchief) **
18" x 18"
100% Cotton
Handwash and Air Dry
Handkerchief does not come in a box. A minimum purchase of 2 handkerchieves is required to receive 1 pc gift box and only when requested.

(Saputangan tidak datang dalam kotak. Pembelian minimum 2 sapu tangan diperlukan untuk menerima 1 kotak kado pc dan hanya jika diminta).



It's include Box + Postcard + Paper Wrap + Ribbon + Bubble Wrap at a more economical price.

**Please write the wishes in notes of this product if any/messages our shop (complimentary hand-written)**